Sunday, November 30, 2014

5 Items of Focus

1. Make Learning Fun- One of the primary reasons we have weekly lesson plans due at the the end of the week is to plan our "hooks" for the upcoming weeks. Reminder "HOOKS" are a way to get our students excited about the upcoming lesson.

2. Teamwork- This is something said in staff meetings, district meetings and department meetings but is it truly practiced? Sure it is easy to chat about common students with teachers in neighboring classrooms. Let's stretch ourselves to talk to other teachers who have common data, common struggles and successes.

3. Claim Evidence Reasoning- I know many of you are not ELA teachers, but we will all reap the benefits of our students becoming better at using informational text to form actual ideas, thoughts and conclusions. Reminder: your 2nd CER is due by December 12.

4. Pacing Guides- As we all want to provide the most authentic learning experience possible for all of our students it is key to have proper planning. Our pacing guide will help all of us become more familiar with the new learning standards as well as give us greater ownership of our material.

5. Support- no matter how great we are alone we will achieve more together. Be an advocate for EMS, It's a great place to be!